Free Software Melbourne

Gnews 18th June 2015

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Things to do

SFC Seeks Your Questions on GPL Enforcement

Debian Day will be on Sunday, August 16th in 2015

OSDC 2015 in Tasmania

Anti petition

Contribuiting to FLOSS advice

Libre Office 5.o beta released

Security and Privacy

Hijacking Android Smartphones

NSA is overwhelmed with data

NSA's bulk collection of phone records is illegal

EFF ‘404’ Report

EFF & Photo Hobbyist defeat Junk-Patent Bully

EFF represents CloudFlare


Facebook Now Supports PGP

Let's Encrypt Root and Intermediate Certificates Generated

Open source adoption

Linux in Indonesia

Outreachy Launch under Software Freedom Conservancy

Strange Happenings

Apple to open source Swift programming language

Microsoft To Contribute To OpenSSH (and Support SSH In Windows)

Microsoft Lets EU Governments Inspect Source Code For Security Issues

Unfortunate Gnews

Intel Skylake & Broxton To Require Graphics Firmware Blobs

Mandriva goes out of business


Fedora 22 Released

MediaGoblin 0.8.0

Cinnamon 2.6: a Massive Update

Mozilla Unity 5 Ships

GNU Octave 4

20th Anniversary of Qt

Software Distribuition

ownCloud 8.0.4

NMap Hijacked, SourceForge Responds To nmap Maintainer's Claims

Ubuntu Software Center Mixing Free and Non-Free Software

Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub


Linux Kernel 4.1 Will Be an LTS Release

AGL has released spec for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI).

qboot, a minimal x86 firmware for QEMU

First Ubuntu Next Desktop Flavor Built with Snappy

Open Hardware

The Purism Librem 15

Release of Neo900 Open Source Phone

First Smart TVs Powered By Firefox OS

Mozilla plans to roll out "suggested tiles" (adds) to firefox